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Camping with your human


Camping with your human is a third person game where you play as a dog protecting your human, exploring the mystery world. You final goal is to collect all the mysterious items using your trusty nose. Of course once in a while there is a annoy ghost trying to attack your human, trying to keep it away by lighting up campfire near your master.

What I Did

Fire mechanism

In this game, campfire extinguish by time and having it on can keep the ghost from attacking your master. You can fill sticks into fire pit to maintain the fire.

Since it's a team project and often times our designers want to place the events we set up by themselves. Here I made a scriptable object event which turns the default events into a scriptable objects so it allows designers to drag it around in the inspector. It's a major takeaway from previous game tool course and based on the talk "Unite Austin 2017 - Game Architecture With Scriptable Objects".


Pick up sitck

Light up campfire

Ghost AI

The ghost has a sequence of programmed behaviors like wandering around the forest, attacking the camp etc. 

I chose to make the AI by using state machine simply because the need is quite simple and it's easier to make a state machine. You can check my implementation here.


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